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Is a platform for the exhibitors, vendors, organisers, traders, manufacturers, innovators, exhibition setup, to bring their product and sell at a common place. Exhibitors across country can register and promote their exhibitions, and reach out to the thousands of organisation, vendors looking out for an opportunity to sell their produce. Its a common thread to link all the stake holders at one place.


We have been social ever since humans came into being. Social Media is a necessity today. Information is the power, although there is Google and other web searching applications which throw millions of results on every search. Still, if you are a business and you want to find what all exhibitions are taking place in your city, it would be cumbersome work to find it out or it may be that when you know, it might be over.

We are exhibitions discovery the platform for all small and big exhibitions about to happen in your city. We are not only an information provider for the same, but we help vendors registered with us in getting the booking with these exhibitions. We also help organisers in getting the right vendors for their exhibitions and markets.

How To Register With Us

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